St Richard’s to take tough line on uniform as schools return after lockdown

St Richard’s Catholic College has warned pupils will be sent home if they aren’t wearing the correct uniform – or do anything to risk the health of others.

Principal Doreen Cronin has written to parents outlining what is expected from children as they come back to the classroom.

“I will be very disappointed if any pupil returns to school on the first day unsuitably turned out, and will have no hesitation in sending him/her home,” she wrote.

Any time lost in rectifying uniform or appearance will be made up on a Saturday.

“The majority of pupils are always extremely smart and take a pride in their appearance,” she added. “It is essential that high standards are maintained.”

The school has made it clear what it expects from pupils and parents

In an updated list of expectations, the school has also warned that putting another pupil at risk by coughing or spitting will not be tolerated.

“He/she will be sent home immediately and the Governing Body will be informed in order for further action to take place,” it states. “The safety of all is paramount and no one person should put another at risk.”

The measures are part of a comprehensive action plan that has been put together by St Richard’s to help protect pupils and staff.

This includes minimising contact between year groups, moving furniture to enable social distancing, and making hand sanitiser available in every room.

In addition, each child must have a face covering and a container to place it when not in use, as well as sanitiser, a water bottle and tissues.

As we reported last week, parents and carers have also been told not to drive down Ashdown Road when dropping children to school.

Instead, they are advised to use the seafront at Sutton Place or the bottom of Bridge Road instead.

Parents are being asked not to drive down Ashdown Road to drop off their children

Extra pastoral support will also be available in the first few weeks as it’s recognised that some pupils will be anxious about returning.

“The staff at St Richard’s are hardworking, adaptable and creative, and will be ready for future lockdown scenarios,” she added. “This pandemic brings challenges to us all but working with you, our parents/carers, I feel assured that the pupils of this school will continue to thrive.”

Miss Cronin is pleased with how staff responded to the challenges of lockdown to deliver remote learning in terms 4-6.

“Pupils were given plenty to do and they also had the opportunity to engage in passion projects and extra-curricular activities,” she wrote.

Looking ahead, the school is steeling itself for potential further waves of Covid-19 restrictions.

“Staff will also be preparing to have remote learning ready, should we be asked to go into a local lockdown,” adds Miss Cronin. “Contingency plans are underway and you will be informed of them when, and if, necessary.”

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