Parking: Charges may be introduced to ‘free’ council car parks in Bexhill

Charges could soon be introduced in council car parks across Bexhill in a move that will increase annual revenue by £150,000.

Off-street parking in Manor Gardens, Egerton Park, top and bottom of Galley Hill, the War Memorial, the Town Hall, and the Polegrove – Richmond Road would all be affected.

A sliding scale of charges has been suggested for these locations – from £1 for an hour to £5 for stays of more than four hours – which will apply between 8am and 8pm.

The recommendations, which will be debated by Rother District Council’s cabinet next week, will also see existing charges at Wainwright Road car park increased, those in Eversley Road reduced, and the De La Warr kept the same.

Parking charges at the De La Warr Pavilion car park are due to remain unchanged

In a report, officials said the move would help protect car parks when Civil Parking Enforcement and on-street charges are brought in by East Sussex County Council at the end of September.

“Any increase in the use of council car parks will have attached to it associated maintenance and administration costs,” it stated.

It pointed out that the Covid-19 pandemic had compounded what was already a challenging time for the council’s finances, so any rise in costs needed to be met by an increase in relevant charges. 

“Furthermore, those car parks that are presently free to use do not contribute to the council’s maintenance and operational costs,” it added.

It also noted that the council hadn’t increased any of its parking charges since 2014. 

Charges proposed for car parks at the top and bottom of Galley Hill

The plan is to introduce parking charges to car parks that fall directly within areas where on-street charges will be introduced, as well as those nearby.

“Residents, local businesses and visitors expect that there is a parity of parking charges between equivalent areas,” it said. “Therefore, it is important that the cost of off- street parking is standardised between equivalent areas of the district.”

A more comprehensive review of the scale of charges will take place once the full impact of the introduction of CPE on car park usage across the district is better understood. 

It will cost the council an estimated £47,500 to introduce charges to car parks. Drivers will be directed to use the Ringo Parking App until payment machines can be installed.

Drivers will be directed to use the Ringo Parking App

There is an annual revenue cost associated with maintaining the payment machines as well as collecting the cash of approximately £1,500 per machine or £12,000 for the eight additional machines required, according to the report.

“Based on the revised charges and the increased number of chargeable parking spaces, it is estimated that income from car parks will increase by approximately £150,000 per annum,” it stated. “This will meet the ongoing costs and is an estimate based on a fifty percent occupancy rate at each car park.”

Proposed parking charges

Up to 1 hour£1.00
1 to 2 hours£2.00
2 to 4 hours£4.00
Over 4 hours£5.00
The sliding scale of charges being proposed

Car parks affected

Car parkNumber of spaces affected
Egerton Park20
Front of Town hall –
weekend and Bank Holidays only
Galley Hill – foot30
Galley Hill – top20
Manor Gardens50
Polegrove – Richmond Road20
War Memorial5
The number of car parking spaces in each car park has been approximated as many of these car parks are not lined. 

2 thoughts on “Parking: Charges may be introduced to ‘free’ council car parks in Bexhill

  1. And Ringo charge an additional 40 p to use their service ! The council are very short sighted and as usual money is the driver to spend thousands inconvenience and upset locals deprive local businesses of income – let me audit expenditure to make savings !

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