St Richard’s reveals first stage of its back to school plan

Pupils at St Richard’s will be advised to carry hand sanitiser, a packet of tissues, and a bottle of water when they return to school next week.

They will also need to have a face covering, as well as a container to keep it in when not being used.

In addition, there are plans to make Ashdown Road a no-access route for parents/carers’ cars, unless their child has a disability.

The changes have been revealed in a letter to parents from Doreen Cronin, the Principal, in which she says health and safety is the priority.

“We will continue to expect pupils to socially distance from each other and to practise good hand hygiene,” she wrote.

St Richard’s Catholic College in Ashdown Road, Bexhill

Its revised safety and behaviour policy will be sent out on Tuesday, along with a booklet of frequently asked questions, and a link to a video on how the school will look and run.

“Tuesday’s letter will outline expectations with regard to the wearing of facial coverings but certainly pupils travelling on public transport will be expected to wear them for their safety,” added Miss Cronin.

St Richard’s plans to run its normal six period day timetable with staggered breaks, lunch, and a staggered departure from school.

Pupils will only work and socialise within their year group, while a one-way system is being introduced to minimise contact between them and staff.

“Staff have been working hard to ensure a strong recovery curriculum and pastoral support are in place,” said Miss Cronin. “A revised extra-curricular programme will also be organised.”

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