Beautiful trail of stones is getting longer every day

Bexhill children have been decorating stones from the beach and displaying them to give everyone a lift during lockdown.

The amazing creations began appearing on the promenade – towards Galley Hill – a few months ago.

Some of the hundreds of stones that are being added on a daily basis

There are now hundreds of beautifully coloured stones in the collection, with new additions joining them every day.

Kung Fu Panda, Mario, the sea, a ladybird, and tributes to the NHS all feature among the incredible artwork on display.

One thought on “Beautiful trail of stones is getting longer every day

  1. Thanks for this lovely write up, my little boy Harvey, 6 yrs started this a few months ago just to see if people would join in. He has been made up with how many people have added to it to make it look Fantastic! So many creative and tented people. Brightens up the seafront! So many have made comments about how lovely this is. Its been lovely to see so many stopping and enjoying it on their seafront walks. Thanks for writing this 🙂

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